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What is Real Mink Hair?
What is Real Mink Hair? 

Real mink fur is considered to be among the finest natural fibers that are rare and more exotic. Mink hair is very soft and extremely luxurious with a lot of natural shine and body. It has a luster of low to medium. It is currently among the most sought after texture in the market at the moment. It is popular with a large population due to its durability, density and softness. It is also sourced from one donor thereby ensuring that all its cuticles remain intact. This type of hair is used in a number of applications like hair and eyelash extensions. 

When looking for a hair extension the texture of the natural hair plays a huge role in determining whether a particular type of extension is suitable or not. The same applies when looking to extend your hair with mink extensions. Mink hair is widely known for its high density making it heavier and thick as well as being light, airly and bouncy making it easier to curl or style. These characteristics make it suitable to be used by African-Americans as it easily blends with a number of hair textures. Mink Cambodian and Brazilian hair makes a perfect match for African American hair due to its slightly coarse hair texture. It is capable of holding curls well and can be styled in different styles like curling, flat ironing or straightening. 

Mink Brazilian hair is the most popular among persons looking for hair extensions in most markets including the US. There are a lot of explanations that have been forwarded to debunk this mystery and all of them agree that it is popular due to its texture, quality and the great result it offers. Brazilian hair is extremely popular in the United States due to its extreme luxury, softness as well as the natural shine and extra body it posseses. It is also popular due to its high capability of blending with hair textures from a myriad of hair textures including the African American type. Mink Brazilian hair is capable of holding curls together for longer than Malaysian or Indian textures making it more popular with clients. It also offers a high degree of versatility to its users.

Mink Brazilian hair has managed to get more enthusiasts on board due to the natural shine and excess body it offers to the user. This type of mink hair has a higher density thereby reducing the number of bundles that you have to wear compared to the other textures where more bundles are needed to give a full look. Given its higher density, mink Brazilian hair is the least likely to frizz like it is the case with Indian or Malaysian hair. This type of hair is also amazing as it is able to hold its curls for longer when compared to the Malaysian or Indian textures. 

All the above are some of the points that show why mink Brazilian hair is so popular in the United States as well as other parts of the world. It also shows that mink hair is suitable for African-American hair. All the points discussed above are extremely important especially to a person considering investing in hair extensions.