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How to make word-of-mouth marketing with customers?
How to make word-of-mouth marketing with customers?

Pop Out your Brand
I know you’re puzzled now about the phenomenon why you start your virgin hair business with flying colors but ending with shrinking sales, how does that happen? You’re down in the dumps and intend to quit, but wait! Think a minute before you take a leap! Are you loyal to some brands for a long time no matter how many new brands come into your eyes? WHY? So you need to think over on the question how to get your customers to spread your brand self-willingly and spontaneously? That does also be called word-of-mouth marketing in the book. Let me explain.
How Does Your Brand Look Is the Key!
What? Unbelievable? However, that’s true especially for business!!!
Image is the first impression that your virgin hair product leaves on your customers’ mind, which is a vital part of business for your customer to go further. One bird in hand is worth two birds in the woods, you must start with one in order to get more (see more at the following link
Setting up a Website
 Setting up your own e-commerce website is essential for customers to get to know your products you offer and place an order.
Whether you customers stay and purchase depends on your website’s overall impression on their mind, which including specifications, pictures, features etc. And those are what hair branding calls for.
How to Find your Website?
You can add super-links to all your social media portals in order to direct your customers to your website.
Your website should build a special column for customers to talk and be informed with your newest product information. You can learn from here what’s on the customers’ mind and make modulations to satisfy.
For an instance, a newsletter and regular updates(new series, textures , lengths or specials) will get your customers feel emphasized and connect them more tightly with your brand.
Forum is where your customers express their opinions on the hair products, good or bad, in this way, you can learn the shortcomings of your hair and improve, maintain the ones with good performance. Moreover, you can offer professional and reasonable help to you current and potential customers, which contributes a great deal to encouraging sales.
Use Your Social Media
Don’t hesitate to utilize your social media any longer! It’s IT era nowadays, running your social media successfully plays an indispensible role in branding.
Remember to post new listings frequently and regularly on your social media, people online are watching. They can be relevant and useful articles or links about your company and products.
Posts such as showing features on your products or install tips, positive feedback from your customers can grasp attention effectively and quickly. FYI, both your current and potential customers enjoying seeing these materials.
Create related hot hash tags on hair and entice all your buyers to make use of them, tag you in posts or submit their pictures for reposting, which expands your audience to both your followers and theirs , as well as those searching the tags.
 Advertisement is a whole lot of package, including traditional placing commercial ads on websites, posting on multiple social media and ground propaganda etc.
For sales ads, you can come up with proper bundles deals within your budget, such as offering several lengths to sell as a whole at a lower price than buying separately. Furthermore, you can add frontals and closures to your basket. You offer more options to your customers, they’re glad to see that.
Offering Sales and Rewards
You can post old-exclusive newsletter time to time on your website, which draw your customers’ attention to your sales and getting them to focus on your updates.
Offer direct incentives for signing up for the newsletters.
Discounts, specials, coupons or free shipping under certain purchasing amount which enhance the relationship in between, will win more chances from customers to spread the word about your company, showing their appreciation for your business and support.

Product Is The Core! 
All above have a underlying foundation is your products must be quality!
Keep in mind to test out your products to make sure they’re qualified to comply with what you’re publicizing, honesty is most important at any time!
As a wholesale virgin hair vendor, Ballice Virgin Hair has a great wholesale program, which enables customers to place an order in advance and request last minute!
Get prepared to receive your customers at any time at any place. Abundant stock is important. If there’s a difficulty, just keep your customers informed.
Customer Service
We all know the importance of excellent customer service, which should be the top priority in hair business. When a customer launches for customer service, they want to be listened, understood and problem solved properly. The most vital point is your attitude. Usually, they can show understanding about shipping mistakes or delays as long as you show you’re sorry and sincerity.
Always remember, customers come first! Pay great attention to your customers’ feedback, positive or negative, they can make your products better and boost your sales.
Get back to your customers’ inquiries and doubts in time and frequently to make them feel focused and warmed.
Offer free and efficient tips on caring hair, buying hair to push customers to go further in the business.
After placing an order, customers are waiting for their favored goods to come. So you should provide shipping information as soon as possible. If there’re inevitable delays or changes, keep them informed at the earliest time to seek for their understandings and opinions. Try to get everything under control.
Frequently check messages from your customers to improve, consider offering a contest to set up your engagement.
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