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How to boost sales for a green-handed virgin hair business manager

How to boost sales for a green-handed virgin hair business manager

I’ve been in the hair industry for many years, hoping offering some constructive suggestions to you guys. First, I’ve got to give you a big five on entering the business, which is becoming more and more challenging. Then comes the question, how can you run business for 6 months without any sales? I know you purchase first-class hair bulks from Indian, Burma, Vietnam, Korean, Europe, America or some other main productive areas at a good wholesale price, deliver them home, process them with advanced techniques and skills, attach them with eye-catching package and logo, publish and broadcast them through multi-level channels, then you’re waiting for money to flow into your bank deposits hopefully. Turns out everything you’ve pumped into the business just vanished into nothing! You tell yourself it’s just the beginning and things will get better later time, you carry on and after 6 months, you’re broke, costs are eating into your profits, you’re lost, wondering whether to keep it going or just quit. After intensive thoughts, you’re confirmed that the hair biz is a terrible option for you. See? Am I right? But, you’re wrong! Absolutely Wrong! Even though you haven’t returned your investment, there is hope there for you to move on, which is the jewels I’m dropping below!
How to Start a Business
Starting virgin hair business is not just about buying in materials with money, putting them into production, packaging then advertising and turning into money. That requires various qualities from managers, say, honest, resilience, sensible outlooks for the business. We’re all aware of the fact that the market is changing fast with each day passing bay or even one hour, one minute, one second. As the first hand, you’ve got to adjust timely to the buzz and fashion around the business, from production technologies to logos, packages. Your products must be customized for your customers, turn your eyes from making products on your own to concentrate on your potential buyers, only in this way can your profits be guaranteed.
Business Tools
Don’t hesitate any longer! It’s time to reassess your business tools and make a change catered for the market. So here’s what I intend to let you know in the following.
Your Brand Influence
Maybe you’re fairly confident with your brand team, but self-esteem doesn’t mean self-pity and reject more curious and competitive progress. Stay fresh on mind and open to the market and counterparts to see what’s raging on, then contemplate on your own business and improve. That plays a vital role in setting up in the hair industry and making profits.
First is the business name of your product, which is the initial image on the clients’ mind. Does it  pop with colors and funny features? Does it convey positive intonation about your product? Does it plainly clarify what you’re selling and arouse your customer’s interest? That’s a question to think over. For example, Private Label and Private Label Extensions, which one catches attention better? The name should be specific and intentional when it comes to your business.
Next is your logo, you should make it to correlate with your product closely and perfectly.
Your logo is the name card of your product, which should be eye-catching and informative. If not, correct it to the right one. For instance, the Dominos logo includes words and symbols, clearly showing all they intend to deliver. For a hair business, a business logo can combines your product name, features of your hair etc.
If you aren’t making a sale, other factors may be considered, such as the writing work, the picture, the whole impression on the buyers; does it look reasonable and clear? Those should all be counted over and reflected upon.
Promotion is Devotion!
Business Name Cards
Formally, we hand out business cards to potential customers and cooperative partners. But, are you affirmed that your cards play the important role in boosting your business exactly? You may say, it’s an IT era now, don’t bother to send name cards, when it’s still implacable and imperative.
Offer Samples
If you want to promote a new product, offering samples to several of your friends or associates is a best choice. More people talk about your hair and entice others to concentrate; their feedback can serve as valuable first-hand tips for innovative correction. Then comes the potential customers. Our hair factory offers the sample mink hair with %50 off for new customer to test the hair quality.
Wear your product
Just think about that, you’re selling a product to the buyers, how can they trust it when you don’t trust yourself? So come on, you’re the biggest fan for your hair and free showcase to affect them.
Wear your product as a way of advertising, people see and will be attracted and inquire about where to get your hair, that’s it, a sale is almost done.
Besides, an explicit name is a must, combined with lengths, colors, materials, prices, packages on the basis of quality products.
Spokesman speaks a lot
People are emotional human beings, easy to be enticed and influenced by their cheerleaders or famous beauty experts. Invite them as the spokesman for your product, they say YES, and that will arouse thousands of hundreds of fans to follow, sales will be a much easier thing.
How to find your spokesman? Look into YouTube(and other famous sites like Facebook, Ins etc.) icons with numerous followers, celebrities from all manners. You may need to pay a price for their advocate but it will pay back with up-rising sales. In a word, it’s a fair business.
Post clearly and purposely
Don’t bother your customer to waste time on your long rubbish writing; just be clarified, meaningful, closely-relevant, eye-capturing, short and concise.
One important thing, post your specifications of the product with outlined bolded Q&A’ s. You must make sure your buyers find the answer right away. You could also add some cute tips for hair or funny stories, videos to grab your follower’s attention. A link to your social media or website is a super idea to attract more comings. Be sure to include your contact information and post about sales.
After all efforts we’ve taken, finally comes the exciting moment-Payment, you don’t want to end up this business with payment problem, right? so a variety of payment methods should be approved, such as credit card, PayPal and cash app. Make a clear record of the orders, it will serve you a big help in the business.
Set Up Client Document
When one sale is ended, the whole business isn’t over but just begins. For a long run, you should turn your customers into loyal external buyers. So stay in close touch with them, send recent product information to them to keep them informed in time so that when they want to buy hair, your company is their first and best choice.
If you follow my advice and everything is operating orderly, check your social media and clear the outdated information and upload recent ones, make proper adjustment, then check it out!
Remember, whatever takes your time, make sure it can win your customers’ approval, be bold to try new and apply into your business, one thousand readers may have one thousand Hamlets, there’s a customer there in the market to satisfy, just keep going!