Sample Mink Hair Bundles Review From Customer

By Nathan | 27 July 2018 | 0 Comments

Sample Mink Hair Bundles Review From Customer

Ballice- As one of the virgin hair factory in China, We only focus on America hair market, and we offer the sample mink hair for new customer to test our hair quality. 
The following items are reviews from customers

" Hello! I love the samples I received. I do have questions on how to go about ordering hair by the bulk. Any tips? 
------Quentitia Jones

"I received my package yesterday. The hair is really soft and beautiful! However, I am going to perform a couple of tests in the next few weeks to see how the hair holds up. I will let you know when I'm ready for an order."
------Oumou Sanogo

Nathan, I would like to express that I’m 100% satisfied with the product; I’ve installed it on Saturday and I’m extremely pleased
------Nisha S.

Thsnks for reaching out. I’m going to be making a bob unit with the sample hair I purchased to test your hair for my hair company. I am really pleased as of right now! Will be in contact soon.
------Ebony Scott

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