Common Question for Ballice Mink Hair Vendor

By Nathan | 30 May 2018 | 0 Comments

1. Where is the hair from?
We are Ballice mink hair vendor, our hair factory is located at China, and we set up the oversea hair material purchase team, located at Indian and Burma ….to make sure we collect the healthy hair material.
A. Purchasing the hair material form Indian and Burma,
B. Ship to our China hair factory.
C. Shampoo the hair and Steam the hair into different pattern
D. Make it as hair weft or lace closure, frontal
E. Ship to US customer directly from our hair factory

2. Can hair be bleached or dyed?
We offer mink hair and raw Indian hair
All our hair product can be bleached and dyed since we only quality virgin mink hair.
Mink hair: can be bleached until color#27
Raw Indian hair: can be bleached to blonde color.
3. Do you provide labels with my logo on it?
Yes we do. Please click here for customized labels

4. Do you provide a discount for sample?
We offer the sample hair project. Our sample hair is mink hair, with 50% off. Please click here for sample hair.

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