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Hair Care & Maintenance

MInk Hair Care & Maintenance

Please treat your mink hair extension as your own hair—that is base to take care your hair extension well. And it is very important.

For Straight Hair & Wavy Hair (Body Wave, Loose Wave)
Since Ballice Hair is pure mink virgin hair, it can use a long time with proper care.
   ♥    please wash your hair extension once in a week, the shampoo has a PH level below than 7
   ♥    please use the warm water to wash the hair extension. Remark: When you get the ballice virgin hair newly, there is no necessary to wash it. Just install it at newly state.
   ♥    The Shampoo should be sponged into your hair & Rinse the hair thoroughly
   ♥    Use the quality conditioner to supply the enough the nutrition for your hair extension.
   ♥    please comb the hair from the ends and work your way up.
   ♥    Sleep care: you can make a ponytail while sleep.

For Mink Curly Hair (Deep Curl & Kinky Curl & Italy Curl)
   ♥    please wash your hair extension once in a week
   ♥    Rinse the hair thoroughly
   ♥    Quantity Conditioner is very necessary
   ♥    Use sponge to shampoo the hair
   ♥    let the hair air dry
   ♥    Scrunch up the hair to reform curls
   ♥    please do not Comb or brush hair while it is dry or it will frizz and become tangled

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